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sociological approach_Marxism

in sociology, Marxism belongs to theory of conflict because this theory is based on the basic assumption that society is made up by various interests. in Marxism, the economic interest becomes the main element which builds other elements in society such as family, education, religion, politics, government, etc.The former is called as base/ material and the second is superstructure/ history.  therefore, society is divided into two classes; they are bourgeois class (people who own means of production) and proletariat (people who sell their skills as labors in bourgeois company/ factory).

as the dominant and ruling class, bourgeois try to maintain their economic interests by using two apparatus, Repressive State Apparatus (RSA) and (Ideological State Apparatus). RSA works on forcing element such as army, police, law, etc while ISA operates on softer element such as school, religion, family, etc. This effort to dominate other class is also called hegemony.

in theory of literature, Marxism sees literature as a reflection of society. a good literary work is a work that can portray the conflicts  or class struggle in society. by portraying the conflict, there will be people awareness about the real problem in society i.e class conflict/ class struggle.


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